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The mission of IMPACT JUNKIE is to excite, engage, and inspire entrepreneurs and change-makers to use their superpowers (talents, skills, abilities) for good -- to create real impact in real lives in their cities/communities and around the world. We believe we have a God-given mandate to go places, love people, and be proper stewards of our abilities (Matthew 25) to serve the world -- and bring along as many people as we can. Our ultimate BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) is to hear: "Well done."

The IMPACTJUNKIE ecosystem is made up of world-changers, impact organizations, and seasoned investors (The ✖️ Angels) passionate about changing lives and meeting the needs of our world's largest problems. As an IMPACTJUNKIE you get exposed to new impact project every month, have opportunities to connect with amazing impact organizations working on solutions to these problems, and you can get support, investment, and coaching to launch your own idea/venture to address these problems.

IMPACT JUNKIE fosters an ecosystem of training, experiences, accelerators, pitch competitions, and quality goods that empowers entrepreneurs to fulfill their calling, purpose, and passion through free enterprise and service.


Every month, change lives around the globe, get something awesome for that project, then go there in person.

Get something awesome. Do something awesome. Go somewhere awesome.

Many feel overwhelmed by the needs and problems in the world. Worse yet, they often feel disconnected from the solution and unable to help. Our goal is to create Impact Junkies who have regular opportunities to connect and engage with real impact projects for real people in real places. 

Make it happen. Go where you never thought possible. Impact delivered monthly via the Impact Junkie subscription. As an IMPACT JUNKIE member, you get an impact box (with custom designed items related each specific country and project) delivered straight to your door every month. You support a specific impact project around the world and change thousands of lives every month.

Every month, you also get a code to see the real people, real impact, and real places you touched that month. PLUS, you can go on exclusive IMPACTJUNKIE trips to be there when the water well is established, visit the kids in the orphanages, deliver clean water filters, be at the health clinic, and more. Start a conversation. Make a difference. Change a life.

Every month, your support transforms into:

  • building water wells and bringing fresh water to entire villages
  • providing housing and care to orphans in Nepal and China
  • bringing healthcare to remote tribes in Ethiopia
  • building sustainable programs for homelessness in US cities
  • giving medicine to underserved areas in South America
  • supporting young entrepreneurs in developing regions of Asia and Africa

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The elite force of IMPACTJUNKIE members. 

The IMPACTJUNKIE Brigade is an elite force of change-makers ready to make a difference in their local communities and around the world. The next cohort application will open soon.

As part of the Brigade, Impact Junkie members join a 12-week program to uncover the top three needs or issues in their local community/city (whether homelessness, drug addiction, etc.), develop hypotheses to address/meet these needs, and launch/execute a pilot project.

The 12-week program includes expert training/coaching leveraging methods such as design thinking, lean startup, and human-centered design. Members will work with community organizations, their local churches, resource centers, and spend time with real people with real needs to understand issues, plan, and launch a pilot project.

We'll meet regularly as a cohort with experts, national leaders, and coaches to share experiences, ideas, and receive feedback.

Members who successfully complete the Brigade program will be eligible to attend the epic impact trips at heavily subsidized rates.

The Great Pitch

The Great Pitch impact venture competition is part of an international movement to inspire young entrepreneurs to use their superpowers (talents, skills, abilities) for good -- to create real impact in real lives. Just making money is so last millennium. Use your abilities to do more, and achieve the BHAG (our Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of hearing “Well done.”

Epic Trips

Go on an epic trip, and be part of the action. You can have real impact, in real lives, in real places. IMPACT JUNKIE trips are directly connected to specific projects and shirts.

We have trips planned to China, Ethiopia, and Nepal over the next 12 months. Go deliver aid, food, and toys to orphanages, help establish water wells, or give medical care in remote villages.  Additional domestic and international trips will be available at subsidized rates to members. Be part of solution.

Become an IMPACT JUNKIE now to get the details for every trip and learn how to sign-up in advance.