Pushing Back The Darkness
Pushing Back The Darkness

Pushing Back The Darkness

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There are over 45.8 million people stuck in modern-day slavery today.

Your purchase will provide this book for a woman inmate in Texas.  

Pushing Back the Darkness is a riveting Christian fiction thriller that addresses the realities of modern day slavery. It is an adventure you will not forget and a call to shine the light of Christ into your world. Order your signed copy

Author Bio:

Laura Aranda is a board member of the SWLA Abolitionists. She had the opportunity to speak to an audience of 30,000 at the Lucas Oil Stadium for North American Youth Congress in 2017. Pushing Back the Darkness won third place in The Great Pitch competition created by the Impact Junkies. You can follow her on Twitter @AuthorLAranda.

For speaking engagements or to plan a weekend seminar contact her via email: lauraaranda@owlofhope.com or on her website at www.authorlauraaranda.com

Standard Content Warning: This book occasionally contains themes related to anti-human trafficking and mild sexual references in an effort to advocate for those affected by this crime. Recommended for audiences 14 years and older.