WHY START AN IJ TRIBE. #tribeschangelives

Solving the world’s biggest problems can be messy, lonely, and just too much at times. Poverty, Human Trafficking, Drug Addiction. It’s just a mess. In a fantasy world, Batman saves the world over and over again, but every Batman needs a Robin. We need each other to change the world, our world. You need a sidekick. But what if we told you - you could have more than one sidekick, you could have a TRIBE. The Impact Junkie Tribe program empowers you to rally a group of people together in your community for a 3-month period to identify a problem, work on a solution, and (the best part) do something. After the 3-month period you will be on the path to solving a problem in your community, with each other. Impact Junkie Tribes challenges you to commit to each other, and solve a problem, and trust us - it is so addicting, you will want to do it again, and again.

For example, let’s say you live in Washington D.C. and you find out homelessness is one of the biggest problems in your community. One big problem is made up of lots of little problems (sounds like a problem right?). So, you identify one problem within homelessness that your tribe could solve. Maybe every homeless person in the Madison Neighborhood of Washington D.C. does not have access to dental care - something as simple as owning a toothbrush. Your tribe decides to give every homeless person a toothbrush, but we will fight the bigger problem - education about dental care, and figuring out a way to give the homeless access to it. Then you develop a plan to make it happen, but it doesn’t end there. Your tribe discovers a way to manufacture parts of the toothbrush and create jobs, income, and empowerment for the homeless. Plus, their venture gives back to dental care education in the community. Triple impact for the win!! You work with your tribe to develop the best ideas, strong solutions, and ways to duplicate in other communities if you choose.

The Impact Junkie Team will work alongside you to help you every step of the way, and give you the support you need through training, hands-on learning, and connections to launch your tribe and keep it going. At impactjunkie.co/tribes, you will find all the information you need - from joining costs, overlay of the 3-month period, how to throw an Impact Junkie Party, and the ins and outs of Tribes. Start talking to those world-changers around you, recruit your tribe (school, work, church, college), and let’s change the world - one community, one solution at a time. Get started at impactjunkie.co/tribes.

Impact Junkie Tribes - Change your community.

Identify a problem in your community, better understand the needs, and build something sustainable in response to the needs. We talk a lot about all the problems in our communities, but the problem is you just waiting for the solution. That’s where your tribe comes in. You may feel frustrated or disconnected from the problems, but together we can do something about it. Start something that changes lives.

A tribe is not just you, by yourself, solving the world’s biggest problems. Recruit a rockstar lineup of people who are committed for at least three months to addressing a problem in your community together. Where do you start a tribe? Glad you asked! You start with getting a group together from work, school, church - or anywhere really - where you find like-minded people who are committed to making a difference! Pick your tribe name, your mission, enter your tribe online, and make it happen!

There will be tribes all over working on problems in their community competing for the biggest impact. At the end of the quarter, the IJ family will also evaluate your approach, project, and outcomes - and vote. At the end of the quarter, every tribe will throw an Impact Junkie Party to reflect and share learnings. The tribes that have the most impact will have a chance to present their solutions to our team of IJ Angel investors to transform into a sustainable venture.