Ideas are the spark for adventure waiting to happen. We know you have great ideas- world changing ideas. Not just any idea- your idea. Ideas that could end poverty, build stronger communities, bring a home to every child, eliminate sex-trafficking, and change the course of history. The problem is, there are problems. Impact Junkie wants to take the world’s biggest problems, and provide sustainable solutions. Taking your ideas off the ground is a risky undertaking, a journey, an adventure waiting to happen. We want to help take your ideas and turn them into adventure. #ventureseekers

IJ Ventures are the vehicle for projects and entrepreneurs to fuel their solutions to become self-sustainable. These social ventures are to design a business model that solves a problem, and challenges you to do more with what you have been given. If you have an idea that is looking for adventure, then you are in right spot. Social ventures is for the entrepreneur that is ready to take the first step and launch a venture that changes lives. #dosomethingawesome

Each social venture has the opportunity to enter the IJ Accelerator. This is a cohort-based entrepreneurial development program designed to transform validated ideas of the social startups companies into action. This is a semester commitment from social ventures who register for the program. It is a connection with the angel network providing expert training, knowledge-based learning, and hands-ons workshops. It is met with additional coaching from the Impact Junkie Team through team huddles, think tanks, and plans with deadlines to make their ventures a reality.