Tribes FAQ


I want to start a Tribe, what should I do first?

Register your Tribe here & start recruiting! Each Tribe member will need to sign up as an Impact Junkie Tribe member for three months which includes a monthly awareness box (t-shirt, materials, stickers all included), access to IJ Venture Trips, & exclusive access to IJ Tribe membership.

So wait, who do I recruit? Or do you just pair me with a Tribe?

Your tribe is with your people. You know your community best, and the people around you do too. Ask your friends, coworkers, teammates, classmates to come together and join your Tribe. We will not pair you with other Tribe members, this is all something for your Tribe in your community.

Does every member of my Tribe need to be an Impact Junkie member?

Yes. The Tribes program includes a lot over the three months - training, coaching, resources, and support. Access to the Tribes program is an awesome benefit of being an IJ Member. If members of your Tribe are not yet an IJ member, they can join here as an IJ Tribes member for three months during the Tribe program. If members of your Tribe are 13 years old or under and do not want to become full IJ members, we have an option for them to join as IJ Tribe members for $10 per month ($30 one-time fee due up front) for the three months. This includes one IJ shirt and access to the entire Tribes program. We also have options for Tribes of over 30 members - perhaps at your school or workplace. Contact us at to get started on this.

We've got our members ready. How do we officially register our Tribe?

Go right here to Register Your Impact Junkie Tribe.

You keep saying, start a venture, but I thought I was just starting a Tribe to help my community?

Some ideas are so much more than just a three month project, but could turn into a sustainable venture that could continue to strengthen your community. Imagine if you started a Tribe to help the homeless by having them make some type of art piece, then sell the art piece while giving funds back to the one who created it. Not only would you provide a meaningful product, but you gave a homeless person a way to make an income that did not have access to before.  Starting a venture is one of the most sustainable solutions we can offer those in need.

Ok, competition. I want to be the best Tribe & WIN! How do I do that?

You will be seeing what other Tribes are doing around the country while you are working hard to build out sustainable solutions. At the end of the three months, the Impact Junkie member community will be crowd voting on sustainability, impact, innovation, approach of each Tribe. We will be picking the strongest Tribe based on methods, innovation, creativity, and most importantly, impact. In addition, those that we feel meet those will have an opportunity to pitch their Tribe venture to our group of Impact Junkie investors.

What size should my Tribe be?

We believe that starting with at least four members is a great start, but believe that the more you add to the challenge, the stronger the results.

I could start a Tribe on my own! Why would I need to become an IJ member to start an Impact Junkie Tribe?

Yes! We believe you could start your own Tribe, but we want to be a resource that helps you make it happen. We are doing a lot of the hard stuff for you like designing out the 12 weeks to ensure progress and results, and allowing you to go directly to the problem to build out the solution. Each member will have access to high level instructors and coaches through our hands-on experiences courses, Impact Junkie resources, and the network to help you with the training, resources, and support to make it happen.

I work 5 days a week, 9-5, how could I start a tribe?

Start one with your coworkers! Meet during your lunch time, set some time aside at work - even your boss may want to join your tribe! See your workplace transform from checking things off the list to changing the world around you. Or, you could start a Tribe with your family or friends and increase the quantity and quality of your time together each week.

I am a college student & I work on the side, how could I start a tribe?

Start one as a club on campus - Impact Junkie Tribe! Everyone could even get community service hours for it and add it to your resume! It would be the place on campus where you were not just talking about changing the world, but getting your hands dirty and making it happen!

I am just in high school, how could I start tribe?

How could you NOT start a tribe? You could start on in your high school, at your youth group, with your neighbors, or anywhere! Get some people committed to changing the world, and we bet you would see not one tribe, but many tribes start! If you want to bring Tribes to your entire school, tell your school administrators to email and start something BIG.

Ok, I am a parent, and well that’s basically my full-time job.

Your family could be a Tribe! Work with your children, or combine with another family to come together to work on a problem in your community, develop the solution, then #dosomethingawesome about it! Your family will see their role in the world as never before and will never be the same!

I still have more questions, but I am definitely interested! Who could I reach out to help answer some of those questions?

Our Impact Junkie Team is here to help you every step of the way, email us with any questions.