How will your Tribe change lives?

Anti-bullying • Human trafficking awareness • Homelessness • Poverty issues in your community • Opioid epidemic • Start a venture • Do something that has never been done before •

IJ Tribes: for an elite force of Impact Junkies. A 12-week hands-on team experience that helps you understand needs in your community and develop, test, and launch real projects that change lives. Impact Junkie Tribes empowers you to transform the community around you. This is not just your call to take action, this is also the resources, training, community, and support you need to make it happen. When you register an Impact Junkie Tribe, you are not signing up for something that just will sit on a shelf and collect dust. Your tribe will be launching on an interactive experience with those who share the same passion to learn how to change lives, walking through the steps in our hands on workshops with instructors and coaches, and building something to show for it by the end of the 12 weeks. You will be joining a community of other Tribes all around the country and the world who are doing exactly what you are doing. You will be competing with these Tribes in methods, creativity, innovation, and most importantly, impact. Tribes with the most impact will have a chance to take their idea and turn into a real venture that could build sustainable impact. Your Tribe could have a chance to pitch your idea to our team of Impact Junkie investors to get additional funding and take it to the next level.

Your Tribe registration includes all the resources and training you need...

  • 12-weeks of a guided experience to starting with an idea to making an impact
  • “Impact Junkie Dream Night” guide for Tribe
  • Monthly hands-on interactive experiences for your Tribe (all online-based)
  • Weekly challenges to keep you motivated, engaged, and taking the steps to making an Impact
  • Recommended reading such as of “Toxic Charity” by Robert Lupton with discussion guides
  • Compete with other Tribes with the best idea but also with the best “impact” results.
  • “Do More with what you have been given” wristband for every member of your Tribe
  • Stash of Impact Junkie business cards & stickers for your tribe to make a difference
  • Access to the Impact Junkie team & other resources
  • Impact Junkie Party Box at the end of the 12 weeks with all the IJ Swag you need to celebrate!