How to start your Tribe.

Step 1: Recruit!

Recruit your Tribe at your middle/high school, college, workplace, church, community center, family, etc.

Step 2: Register!

Register at to sign up your Tribe and have each member sign up for their Impact Junkie Tribe Membership
*IJ Members receive free access*

Step 3: Ready! Set! Go!

Once registered, get ready (to dream BIG!) for Tribes Launch on March 5 & begin your journey, together


Tribe all-membership access w/ materials & resources:

IJ Members: exclusive access to Impact Junkie Tribe membership

Not an Impact Junkie member, sign up as an Impact Junkie Tribe member for $25 a month. Be an Impact Junkie Tribe member for the next three months as your Tribe make an impact, together. Each member receives a monthly box which includes a t-shirt, access to all the IJ Venture Trips, & exclusive access to Tribe membership

Impact Junkie Tribe member (ages 13 & under): $10 per month, for a one time purchase of $30.  Age is just a number and we believe you are able to take on the world in the next three months as a Tribe, and make a difference, together. Each member receives exclusive access to the Tribe membership, an IJ Shirt, stash of stickers and wristbands. Additional IJ Tribe shirts and other Tribe exclusive items will be available for purchase.

Registration is currently open until Friday, February 23. 
Register your Tribe now
You will receive an email confirmation and we will set up a call with the Tribe Leader to get started!

Large Group? AWESOME!
For 30+ member groups, such as corporate, school, or any other unique group, email us at for special pricing and Tribe membership exclusives that is crafted to fit your group’s needs.