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Change lives around the globe and go where you never thought you could go before. Impact delivered monthly via the Impact Junkie membership. Be an #impactjunkie. Join the #impactjunkie fam. Get a custom shirt (and other cool things) delivered straight to your door every month. Each month, you support a specific impact project around the world and each month you receive custom items for that specific project. You will get to go online and see the real lives in real places you've changed. Then, you can go on an epic trip to be there! Plus... once you get hooked on changing lives, you'll want to do more! We'll help you launch your own venture to change lives!

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One of the Impact Junkie member perks is being part of the action on epic VENTURE TRIPS. As an IJ Member, each month you are a part of real impact happening in many different parts of the world. It’s more than just a box once a month, it is access to engage in these awesome opportunities happening all around the world. Your superpowers are how you get there. We need solution-minded people to work together as we solve real problems on each trip. This is the first step in surfacing the needs of the area and developing venture minded solutions that would be self-sustainable. In Haiti, we not only built three water wells on an epic trip, but discovered a way to educate and employ the people of Haiti to build a water wells. This venture is bringing clean water to over one million Haitians now. Discovering self-sustainable solutions is our goal for each trip moving them into a venture that changes lives. 

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IJ Tribes: for an elite force of Impact Junkies. A 12-week hands-on team experience that helps you understand needs in your community and develop, test, and launch real projects that change lives. Impact Junkie Tribes empowers you to transform the community around you. This is not just your call to take action, this is also the resources, training, community, and support you need to make it happen. When you register an Impact Junkie Tribe, you are not signing up for something that just will sit on a shelf and collect dust. Your tribe will be launching on an interactive experience with those who share the same passion to learn how to change lives, walking through the steps in our hands on workshops with instructors and coaches, and building something to show for it by the end of the 12 weeks. You will be joining a community of other Tribes all around the country and the world who are doing exactly what you are doing. You will be competing with these Tribes in methods, creativity, innovation, and most importantly, impact. Tribes with the most impact will have a chance to take their idea and turn into a real venture that could build sustainable impact. Your Tribe could have a chance to pitch your idea to our team of Impact Junkie investors to get additional funding and take it to the next level.

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IJ Ventures are the vehicle for projects and entrepreneurs to fuel their solutions to become self-sustainable. These social ventures are to design a business model that solves a problem, and challenges you to do more with what you have been given. If you have an idea that is looking for adventure, then you are in right spot. Social ventures is for the entrepreneur that is ready to take the first step and launch a venture that changes lives. #dosomethingawesome

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You want to solve the world’s biggest problems - like poverty, clean water, education, healthcare, human trafficking, homelessness, literacy - but you are crazy busy with life, business, and family - and likely don’t know where to begin addressing these massive needs. You want to do more with your business experience, talents, and resources, frustrated by what you see happening in your community and around the world, and you want to make a change. Well, now you can. Move from being frustrated about big problems to being part of launching big solutions.

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Buy a Chicken! - Change a life!

✖️Help Support the chicken farm ventures by "buying a chicken!" Put your money towards something that is going to truly impact lives! Every "chicken" you buy will go towards the chicken farm ventures for the amazing people of Nepal! Your "chickens" will help change their families, their communities and their economy! Your support has already filled four coops full in Belize! Help us reach our goal for the Nepal chicken farms!✖️

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