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Join this live, online session for members October 4, 9PM EST.

As part of this awesome IMPACTJUNKIE network, you get access to awesome resources to help you live out your biggest dreams and turn your passion into reality. This includes an IJ member life purpose workshop series. We’re in this together. We can’t wait to work through this together. If you are ready to do more with what you’ve been given, this is for you.

Join this live, online session for members October 4, 9PM EST.


"Everyone has a shape in their heart that only their calling fits in. Mine was an X. This IMPACTJUNKIE journey has not only helped me uncover my passion, but has connected my passion to my purpose."

Dalton Nichols, Web Development Student and Entrepreneur

"Since joining IMPACTJUNKIE, honestly feel like I am no longer split between two worlds. I am empowered. No longer do the ideas that run through my head have to remain just ideas and dreams, but they can be and are actual creative thoughts that can help others."

Zuri Obado, Johns Hopkins Academic Advisor

"My life has completely changed since I became an IMPACTJUNKIE. I don't even recognize the person I was 10 months ago. I see opportunity where I only saw despair, and now I am getting my MBA and determined to do more with what I've been given."

Crystal Napier, MBA Student

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Get to know IMPACTJUNKIE cofounder Philip Harding.

These sessions will be facilitated by IMPACTJUNKIE cofounder Philip Harding. He is a proven serial entrepreneur with success in past consulting roles in the Pentagon, Presidential Fellowship in the White House, and Harvard in various positions - including student university-wide student president. Each of these roles including elements of advancing entrepreneurship, creating opportunities in technology, service, innovation, and out of the box leadership to engage leaders and professionals on how to apply private sector solutions to the world’s biggest public problems. Currently, he is also a consultant for John Hopkins University, crafting their healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship program, and other national organizations. Also, he is founder of IMPACTJUNKIE - an international impact investment and entrepreneurial network (impactjunkie.co) with life-changing ventures running in Haiti, Nepal, Greece, Belize, Washington DC, and more. Philip completed his undergrad and graduate degrees at Harvard University, focused on business and government.

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