Philip - You set up some awesome meetings to push our reach farther & adding members to our non-profit board! How cool! Plus - dreaming up #IJMYWAY to help us grow! 

The Gold Standard - Your wisdom is our lifeline. We are thankful you started New Beginnings so Zach & Rachel could be parents! :) so beautiful! 

Ventures Projects 

Zuri - She adjusted with changes in the projects area for Burkina Faso & made it more venture focused. Super cool! She is Queen Z for many reasons. 

Daniela - Took great notes of our team meetings & keep the trellos board nicely organized with Zuri. Thanks for helping with Princess Within! 


Crystal - Organized a great call with the Brian's as we move forward with amazing opportunities in Haiti. You shared your heart on the call - it encouraged many of us as you remembered Watson. Box packing - need we say more?

Kristie - Her organization is a dream team blessing to the Trips Team! We know your superpowers are going to take this team to another level. 

Valencia - Welcome to the Team! Can't wait to see what's next! 

Member Engagement

Caroline - Thanks for keeping the new members up to date & helping direct our Texas IJs to the HYC Event! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN AND AGAIN! 

LaDawn- Thanks for owning the Healthcare Team & helping making the booth at HYC happen! We can't wait to see all the pictures! 

Laura- You rocked out the podcast with Kyle! Can't wait to see the lives it reaches! Thank you also for helping with HYC in Texas!


Jonathan - YOU MADE IT HAPPEN IN TEXAS w/ HYC- thank you is an understatement for driving that to completetion. Y'all - we now have chicken post-it notes because of this guy! 


Rachelle - Thanks for balancing it all & driving our support to stay organized and up to date. Lots of new members last month - thanks for sending all those boxes out! 


Dalton - You took the chaotic vision of #IJMYWAY and make it a reality by calling Shopify people, Rewardify people, Locksmith people, with a positive attitude. Thanks for also going to If You Really Knew me! Box packing too! 


Zach - He organized a team to attend  "If You Really Knew Me" in Oxford, MS & captured AMAZING content! Can't wait to see all your hard work come together in April! Social media - all the things. You are now a dad. 

Kyle - Thanks for being so independent with our podcast creation - it's a blessing. The Laura Aranda one will be AWESOME & can't wait to create the Nate Rios one! 


Rachel - You are now a mom - and can't wait to see the stories that come from your journey. Your blog entry is now a part of our IJ Members Page - it's that awesome! 

Angels & Sponsorships

Ethan - Thanks for driving the event in Texas with connections! We could not have done it without you. 

Chris - Thanks for helping gather content for If You Really Knew Me! Super awesome! 

Brannon - Chicken Farm Ventures & More! Thanks for helping connect those pieces and grow our ventures side in a unique way! 

Johnathan - Thanks for your amazing words & hopeful we will be seeing you soon in Texas as a whole team!