Impact Junkie want to make it possible for those who want to take their impact to the next level. We are looking for interns who are wanting to use their superpowers- talents & abilities- to help create sustainable solutions in the world & looking to broaden their skill set in a professional environment.

Those who wish to participate in the internship program will gain experience related to their area of study and/or expertise. Through this internship program, students enrolled in college can also earn academic credits that can fulfill internship, or experienced education based credits in various areas of study. Credits are earned through completion of assignments associated with projects assigned and fulfillment of role responsibilities. Descriptions of duties may vary across areas of need and can be negotiated to fit specific requirements for your respective institution. Please note that commitment time of internship depends on project area and hours required for academic credit.

Some of the positions available are: 

Project Intern, Marketing & Communications Intern, Social Media Intern, Creative Writing Intern and Epic Trips Intern.

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Application Deadlines *These application deadlines are kept to align with university semester dates. However, internship dates are negotiable but not application deadlines*

Internship Semester

Semester Dates (Can be negotiated)

Application Deadline (non negotiable)

Semester One (12 weeks)

Jan. 22- April 27

December 15th

Semester Two (10 weeks)

May 30 - August 8

April 15th

Semester Three (12 weeks)

Sept.10 - Dec. 3

August 15th