Gopal's Venture

Art Venture Trekking + Meet the Young Artists in Nepal” in partnership with various children’s homes in Kathmandu and beyond to launch art + tech ventures to provide education for children.

(airfare from DC + 6 days/5 nights + Art Venture Trekking experience)

Each trip purchase provides each child in a children’s home education for a year.
Nepal is known for its trekking culture, but what if it included trekking to change lives? Well, now it does. An international adventure to Nepal to meet the young artists in Nepal, the children launching the Art + Tech Venture, in Nepal. Experience first-hand the launch of their own venture using digital technology to connect to a global art community. Tour various children’s homes, participate in the Children Art shows, tour of Kathmandu in all its beauty, and soak in the lively culture of Nepal at every turn.

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