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One of the Impact Junkie member perks is being part of the action on epic VENTURE TRIPS. As an IJ Member, each month you are a part of real impact happening in many different parts of the world. It’s more than just a box once a month, it is access to engage in these awesome opportunities happening all around the world. Your superpowers are how you get there. We need solution-minded people to work together as we solve real problems on each trip. This is the first step in surfacing the needs of the area and developing venture minded solutions that would be self-sustainable. In Haiti, we not only built three water wells on an epic trip, but discovered a way to educate and employ the people of Haiti to build a water wells. This venture is bringing clean water to over one million Haitians now. Discovering self-sustainable solutions is our goal for each trip moving them into a venture that changes lives. 

Some of the superpowers needed for these trips include: medical professionals, educators, students, creative thinkers, problem solvers, business minds, finance gurus, legal types, policy wonks, elementary & youth educators, photographers, tech trainers, graphic designers, healthcare professionals, social workers, construction minds (lots!), food service, hospitality industry, and more.

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It is the hub where big decisions are made that affect not only our country, but the world around us. As Impact Junkies, we want to bring simple solutions to the world’s biggest problems. We will become engage in the needs such as homelessness, sex trafficking, and other needs of the D.C. and surrounding areas- while also giving you the practical tools to do the same in your community, your church, your school, and beyond.



Engage the problem with refugees who are arriving by rafts on the shores of Greece at a rate of over 200 people per day. Partner with other organizations on the ground to see what problems they face and how you can be part of the solution. From understanding the Greek culture, talking with experts on the refugee crisis, and exploring venture minded solutions that would empower the refugees from surviving day to day to living a meaningful life. Go for it- you have nothing to lose!



*February 26-March 2* estimated budget: $1,500

Honduras is exploding with the desire for entrepreneurial growth across many different areas! Imagine visiting an orphanage and instead of helping them for a week - you and your IJ squad discovered sustainable ways to help them. This project aims to do just that: empower the children of the orphanage and the surrounding communities to be self-sustaining in all they do. We are partnering with organizations that are looking to build restaurants, hotels, resort, and more - the possibilities are endless. Your creativity will explode on this trip! You will be building out technology education, hands-on workshops for entrepreneurial skills, and knowledge sharing on how they can live the best life!

Submit application by January 22


*March 5-March 9* estimated budget: $1,500

Chicken farms! Installing plumbing! Education in the jungle! All that and more is packed into our Belize adventure. This project aims to develop improved sanitation (toilets in the remote churches!), introduce Mayan children to the digital economy through technology training, and the coolest part - building chicken farms (tractors) in the jungles of Belize. Not only are we building chicken farms, but we are bringing a micro-financing approach to help the locals build the farms and create self-sustaining businesses. You will be discovering ways to unleash potential ventures that can truly change lives and entire communities.

Submit application by February 12


*March 12-March 17* estimated cost: $1,500

Guatemala is waiting for you - but will you go? In partnership with the Children’s Home, we will be providing education opportunities for the children through trade work and digital technology. For all our healthcare professionals- we will be providing nutrition and health trainings for children and families in the local communities. Lots of exciting ways to help the community in many different ways- your creativity will be key in making it happen! 

Submit application by February 12

What’s included:
  • Flight expenses from departure city
  • Housing expenses
  • Food expenses
  • Sightseeing expenses based on itinerary
  • Onsite transportation expenses
What’s NOT included:
  • Travel to and from departure city
  • Medical trip insurance
  • Additional meals
  • Immunizations (if required)
  • Luggage fees 
  • Passports (if required)
  • WiFi access (note: some hotels provide WiFi free of charge)
  • Snacks purchased between meals
  • Souvenirs



Q – What are the age requirements for an Epic Trip?

A – Trips are open to all applicants 18 years and older. Some trips will be open to 16 years to 18 years old and will be announced on a trip by trip basis.

Q – What is the next step after my application is submitted?

A – Once application is submitted, our Trips Team will be in contact with you within 24-48 hours. 

Q – How will I be contacted about my application?

A – We will communicate mostly through email, so make sure you provide an email address that you check daily.

Q – Do I need shots or special medication?

A – Go to www.cdc.gov and search for your host destination area in the “Travelers’ Health” section. You will be able to read what is suggested and/or required. Print off this list and take it to your doctor at least 1 month prior to your trip to discuss options.

Q – Do you accept late applications or can you add me to a waitlist?

A – This will be on a trip by trip case. Waitlist spots are given to those who applied before the deadline.

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